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Owner Satisfaction Survey 2020

Owner Satisfaction Survey 2020 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Calling all OPUS owners! The annual owner satisfaction survey is here and would love your feedback on your OPUS. So if you’ve bought and used an OPUS since 2016 complete the 2020 survey and enter the prize draw for a chance to win a holiday on a club site!

Last year we were lucky enough to win the best trailer tent category and we would love to know your thoughts and feedback (and hopefully win again) this year.

You can complete the survey here and click on the Trailer Tent/Folding Camper Owner Satisfaction Survey 2020.


OPUS UK owners weekend 2019

OPUS UK owners weekend 2019 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Following the success of last years event we were very exciting to be attending the 2019 OPUS UK owners rally. This year 40 OPUS Campers made the journey from around the country to Lincoln for a meet up with old friends and to make new ones. A wonderful time was had by all especially when Joe from OPUS HQ arrived with the delivery of 50 pizzas! We would like to thank Lilly and Steve for all of their hard work organising the event and are already looking forward to next years adventures!




OPUS Sun Canopy

OPUS Sun Canopy 150 150 Carl Mitchell

The OPUS Sun Canopy is a quick and simple way to cool off. It’s very easy to set-up and is perfect for offering shelter from the sun and rain.

With plenty of extra space for a small table and chair or just some extra storage space the Sun Canopy is a must have for your trip. The Sun Canopy can be purchased for £199 plus shipping for more information please contact us or use the link below to find your closest dealer.

The OPUS Sun Canopy can be set-up in minutes, we have created a video to show how fast and simple set-up can be.

OPUS Air Awning

OPUS Air Awning 150 150 Carl Mitchell

The OPUS Air Awning adds an additional 2 bedrooms and a huge lobby to your Air OPUS giving you extra space for sleepy heads, muddy boots and more.
The Air Awning is quick and easy to set-up and inflates directly from your Air OPUS saving you time, effort and space.

Easy and quick to set-up, the Air Awning comes included with every Air OPUS full monty package or it can be purchased separately. For more information please contact us or use the link below to find your closest dealer.

Pancake day in an OPUS

Pancake day in an OPUS 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Cooking a flipping good meal with OPUS.

We don’t need any excuse to eat pancakes so we set up an Air OPUS to treat the team.

Storage for everything you need and more.

The Air OPUS has mountains of storage space for all your utensils and ingredients. We were able to store all of our pans, sieves and scales along with all of our ingredients with plenty of room to spare. There was even a built in fridge to keep our milk and berries fresh.

Worktop space galore.

The solid bamboo worktop in the OPUS offered us a solid space to prep our pancake mix. Even with two of us in kitchen there was room for us both to prepare the fruit for our toppings as well as mixing up the batter.

Cooking with gas.

Now for the hard work…. to cook the perfect pancake. Luckily we had 2 gas burners to help us along the way. We cranked the heat up to full and managed to whip up enough pancakes to feed a small army (with a few casualties).

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The light and spacious leatherette lounge area gave us lots of space to sit back and enjoy our pancakes in comfort. The solid bamboo table comfortably held all of our pancakes along with space for all of the toppings and even some seasonal daffodils.

And now … the washing up.

Although our plates were sparkling clean, washing them up was probably best practice. The worktop saver opens up to reveal a high quality stainless steel sink with fresh running water. The only thing required were some bubbles and some elbow grease.

And finally.

We had a pancake flipping competition – Enjoy!

Our award winning Air OPUS folding camper is the perfect place to sit back and relax after a day of adventuring.

Download our brochure…

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Nissan x OPUS concept electrifies the world!

Nissan x OPUS concept electrifies the world! 150 150 Carl Mitchell
We have teamed up with Nissan to introduce the newest concept in remote power; the Nissan x OPUS concept camper which uses second-life EV batteries to power ‘off-grid’ adventures with new Nissan Energy ROAM power pack.

With a storage capacity of 700Wh and a power output of 1kW, the ROAM’s lithium-ion cells are recovered from first-generation Nissan electric vehicles, ensuring a sustainable second-life for the batteries.

Nissan Energy ROAM is a portable, all-in-one, weatherproof power pack that uses Nissan’s EV battery technology.

The ROAM was added to the Air OPUS allowing an additional power source and the ability to charge your leisure battery whilst away from mains power.


Our Concept camper makes its world debut at The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, The NEC, Birmingham, UK on 19-24 February 2019.

You can book and appointment to get the full tour here.

To find out more about the Nissan Qashqai we used for filming here.

Best of British Campsites

Best of British Campsites 1400 550 Carl Mitchell

If you love camping then you will love the folding camper from Opus camper. Camping is incredible because you benefit from a relaxed holiday in the heart of the countryside, and you can get back in touch with nature. However, some people aren’t partial to camping due to worries about cold tents, too much mud and the stress of setting a tent up. Opus Camper takes away any worries you may have and offers a comfortable compromise to both tents and campervans.

Now that spring has arrived it’s time to make full use of your folding camper and explore the incredible settings that Britain has to offer. From luxury sites offering yurts to basic one field sites for tents, Britain has it all. We’ve carefully picked the four best motorhome – friendly sites that also offer plenty of amenities, beautiful scenery and proximity to attractions.

Clippesby Hall, Norfolk Broads
Clippesby Hall is located in the Norfolk Boards close to Norwich and Great Yarmouth, and provides a perfect base for exploring the National Park. The site is huge, with a plethora of facilities including an information centre providing excellent information about the area, an onsite pub, swimming pool, mini-golf course and adventure playground: you could have an entire holiday without leaving the site if you wanted. The camping pitches are spread across eight distinctive areas, providing you with a choice of secluded pitches set in woodland, and more family-oriented areas.

Westland Farm, North Devon
Westland Farm is a small campsite set on a farm on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. The site is seven miles from the seaside town of Combe Martin and 14 miles from Woolacombe; which is popular for surfing. The camping field’s vantage point provides a view of a little lake, a babbling brook and farm animals. This beautiful spot is perfect for a romantic getaway or a peaceful family holiday. Electric plug points and campfire facilities are provided, as well as a clean shower block. If guests are lucky, the friendly owners will allow them to collect eggs from the chickens or help feed pet lambs in spring.

Trellyn Woodland, Pembrokeshire
Based near Abercastle in the unspoilt Pembrokeshire country this is great base to explore both coast and countryside. It is a short drive to the nearest beaches: Abercastle beach is just 100 metres walk where you can find rock pools and soft sand. The campsite is set in 16 acres of woodland with a beautiful stream and scenery that describes as “magical”. Although Opus campers come complete with their own kitchen, you might want to try the wonders of Trellyn’s “field kitchen”, which consists of a canvas lean-to equipped with gas stove and cooking apparatus.

Ruthern Valley Holidays, Cornwall
This is the perfect place for a family camping holiday, as the site is packed with good facilities and the location is within easy reach of beaches and Cornwall’s finest attractions. This secluded spot is close to Bodmin Moor, where you can visit the railway and history museum, and it’s only a short drive from Polzeath or Rock beaches. The woodland setting is brimming with wildlife so it’s perfect for children and birdwatchers alike. Additionally, Ruthern Valley has a children’s play park, football pitch and site shop selling local produce.

Britain is brimming with great opportunities to camp if you open your eyes. Popular spots include Wales, Cornwall and East Anglia, but Cumbria and Scotland are popular choices too. If you’re taking your Opus camper just remember to check that the site permits caravans, and also make sure you pick a site with electricity points and a good shower block. If it has all that, plus some sumptuous scenery, then you’re good to go! Happy camping!

Clever Campsite Cooking

Clever Campsite Cooking 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Mention campsite cooking and most people will conjure one of two images; toasting marshmallows on sticks over a roaring fire, or heating up a tin of beans over an impractically small stove. However, it doesn’t have to be either unhealthy or impractical – with the right planning and preparation, your campsite cooking can be good enough to please any gourmet.

Prepare at Home
Some things are simply easier to do at home than at your campsite. If you plan at least some of your meals in advance, then you can do some of the complicated preparation – the chopping, blending, and marinating, etc – at home, and simply keep the prepared ingredients chilled until they’re needed. This means that you can leave some of your bulkier kitchen equipment at home!

Pack Practically
Space is always at a premium when you’re camping, so stick to the essentials; a couple of saucepans with lids, a set of good knives, a chopping board, a Pyrex measuring jug and some wooden spoons and spatulas are your basic necessities. A camping kettle is a great investment – water will boil quicker than in a pan, which saves on gas – and you should take along a few sealable Tupperware boxes for your ingredients and leftovers.

Gourmet Garnishes
The right garnishes, toppings and dressings can turn a plain meal into something far more impressive. Pack a few lemons and use their zest and juice to brighten up your cooking, or prepare some delicious bacon seasoning before you go – cook some good quality bacon on a low heat until it’s crispy, pop it in your food processer and turn it into a coarse powder which can then be sprinkled over your dishes or included in trail mix. Don’t forget the cheese – hard cheeses keep very well, and can be grated over your dishes, added to sandwiches and even melted into fondue!

Serving Suggestions
If you’re eating outside, you may find that some of the local wildlife are as interested in your food as you are. One surprising way to keep bugs and flies away from your food is to choose dishes that can be served at room temperature, rather than piping hot – steaming hot food carries the aroma further, and entices more insects over to your dinner.

Here at Opus, we offer a simple advantage to improve your campsite cooking – our camping trailers include a refrigerator, sink and two gas burners, giving you practical storage, cooking and cleaning facilities, as well as a comfortable and welcoming place to cook and eat if the weather turns inclement.

Top Camping Tips

Top Camping Tips 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Camping makes for an exciting adventure holiday, whether you’re going abroad or staying close to home, but as with any holiday the right planning and preparation can make the difference between a good holiday and a great one. Here are some of the most important things to consider if you want to make sure your holiday goes smoothly.

Pitch Before Dark
Plan to arrive at your campsite with enough time to set up before it gets dark. This means that you’ll be able to see what’s around you properly, and can choose the best position and angle. It will also make setting up your tent easier – even if you have a trailer tent that you can set up in just a few minutes, everything is easier in daylight than it is by torchlight.

Pack for the Weather
The weather is one thing that can never be guaranteed, so make sure that you’re ready for anything! This means making sure that you have enough warm clothes (or things that you can layer up) in case it gets cold, and also having sun hats and sunscreen in case there’s a heatwave. It also means making sure that you have something to do if you’re stuck in your tent – especially if you’re camping with children.

Pack Light
Space is a priority consideration when camping, so pack sensibly and don’t take bulky items that you won’t need. Modern technology is great for this – why pack a dozen books when you can pack one slim e-reader – but make sure that you do pack the right chargers!

Pack Lights
Torches and lanterns are perhaps the most important pieces of camping equipment – you don’t want to be stumbling around a campsite in the dark, tripping over other people’s tents! Here’s a clever trick to turn a head lamp into a lantern- simply strap it to a plastic water bottle, pointing inwards, and the water will reflect the light to create a bright glow! With these basics covered, you’ll be able to rest assured of a smooth camping trip which everyone will be able to enjoy.

Green Camping Tips

Green Camping Tips 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Camping holidays are a great way to get out into the countryside and explore parts of the world that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. However, the fact is that it’s difficult to camp without affecting your surroundings, so here are some of our top tips for environmentally friendly camping.

Store & dispose of your rubbish safely
You will always generate a certain amount of rubbish and waste when you’re camping, and if you’re not on an organised campsite you may not be able to dispose of it straight away. It may be tempting to simply drop a full bin bag outside your tent where the smell won’t disturb you, but this can also be very tempting for wild animals. Rather than wake up to find your rubbish strewn across your campsite by curious creatures, store it where they can’t get to it – inside your tent, or in a sealable bin or box.

Take nothing but photographs
The standard advice for “leave no trace” camping is to take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints. While you may see lots of beautiful flowers and plants that you’d like to pick, and perhaps press, as mementoes of your trip, this gradually damages the environment – and unless you’re a botanist there’s no way to know how rare or endangered that pretty flower might be. Wherever possible, stick to established paths and trails, instead of trampling virgin ground and damaging the flora of the area.

Use proper crockery
It may be tempting to buy a packet of paper plates for your camping trip – they’re lighter than ordinary dishes and you won’t have to wash them up – but, let’s face it, they create waste that is completely unnecessary! Pack proper, re-usable dishes – even if they are plastic ones – and take the time to wash them up so you won’t be generating extra waste. The Opus folding camper includes a sink which makes this task much easier.

Leave it better than you found it
Encourage more responsible camping by making sure that you leave your campsite in a better state than it was when you arrived. If previous visitors have left rubbish in the area, put aside some time to pick some of it up before you leave, and dispose of it on your way home. Imagine the impact if everybody camped this way!

Picking Perfect Camping Spots

Picking Perfect Camping Spots 150 150 Carl Mitchell

When you go on a camping holiday, there are quite a few things to consider; what to pack, where to go, and what to do when you get there. One thing that is vital, yet often somewhat overlooked, is choosing the right spot to pitch. Many campers have had the misfortune of arriving somewhere late at night, pitching their tent in darkness, then waking up the next morning to find themselves in a less than perfect position. Here are some of the top factors to consider when you choose your camping spot.

Toilets & Showers
Find out where the toilets and showers at your campsite are, and choose a median spot if you can. You don’t want to be too far away, or you’ll have to make a long trek to the showers every morning, but you also don’t want to be too close or you’ll have a constant parade of campers passing you to reach the facilities.

Level Ground
Camping trailers offer an advantage over tents, in that you don’t have to worry about lumps and bumps in the ground sticking into your back while you’re trying to sleep, but finding a spot that is on flat ground, away from slopes, will make it easier to get pitched level so that you don’t have things rolling around inside.

Avoid Trees
It may be tempting to pitch under the trees for some shade, especially in the heat of summer, but they present a range of disadvantages. Trees can drip sap, and provide convenient perches for birds to decorate your tent. If it rains, you can find rain dripping from the trees long after the weather has cleared up, and it can be downright dangerous to be underneath a tree in a thunderstorm. Better to stay away!

Check for Water and Hollows
Look for where water might flow or settle if it rains, and pitch on higher, drier ground – whilst again, this is less of a concern when you have a camping trailer to lift you off the ground, you still don’t want to step out in the morning right into a puddle.

By making sure that you arrive in time to choose your pitch in daylight, and by bearing these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the best pitching spot possible every time and enjoy a stress-free camping holiday.

Great Camping Activities

Great Camping Activities 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Those who’ve never been camping often ask the same question; “What is there to do when you’re camping?” If you’re one of those people, why not start with this list of ideas and start planning your camping holiday now!

Enjoy nature
Take a walk or simply sit somewhere quiet and appreciate the landscape around you. Watch the stars at night and the clouds by day, and relax! With many campsites in beautiful spots around the country – and indeed, the world – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Tell stories & sing songs around the fire
It’s a great tradition to tell scary stories around the campfire at night, and if you’re musically inclined, you can take along a guitar or a harmonica and set up a sing-song. Just make sure that you build your campfire safely, preferably in a proper firepit, and don’t start singing loudly when neighbouring campers are trying to sleep.

Go geocaching
Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt with modern technology; search for caches near your campsite, then use the GPS on your smartphone to track them down and sign the logbook to prove you were there. Some caches include little token items to trade – make sure that you leave something if you take anything.

Enjoy outdoor activities
Pack a kayak or raft to enjoy some watersports or a couple of bikes to get out and about the local area – the Opus Camper has a versatile racking system, with optional bike and kayak carriers available.

Set up a photo scavenger hunt
If you’re travelling with kids, a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep them entertained. You simply set up a list of things for them to find – leaves bigger than their hands, heart shaped stones, flowers of a particular colour, etc. – and let them go! A photo hunt, where instead of collecting the listed items they just take photos of them, means that nothing in the environment is damaged in the process.

Enjoy indoor activities
There is always a chance that the weather will turn against you; look for local museums or other indoor attractions for rainy days, and pack a few things to do inside the comfort of your tent as well. A camping holiday is a great chance to finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, or you can bring craft supplies to keep your kids busy.

These are, of course, just a few of the things you can enjoy on a camping holiday, anywhere in the world. With a trailer tent from Opus Camper, you’ll find it really easy to set off on an adventure whenever you want to – and you’ll always be able to find something new to see and do!

Fantastic French Campsites

Fantastic French Campsites 150 150 Carl Mitchell

So you are a keen camper, and you’ve already managed to work your way through all our recommended Best of British Campsites with your beloved Opus Camper trailer tent and you ask yourself, ‘where next’? It’s time to head over to France, and here we have listed some fantastic French campsites to enjoy and explore.

If you find yourself not being able to cope in the beautiful British spring weather but can’t wait to get away this spring, these campsites have been especially chosen for you to explore all areas of France; from beautiful beach locations, to rural fields in the southern regions and even campsites close to Disneyland, there will be something to please every member of your family.

L’Anse du Brick – NormandyNorth France

L’Anse du Brick is our recommended beach get away with this site having its own direct access to the beach! Located in Normandy, north France, there is plenty to discover including the peaceful town centre, the rocks of la Hague and even the Val de Saire harbours. This campsite is positioned so you can enjoy panoramic views of the stunning French coast whilst enjoying some of the amazing features the campsite has to offer, such as its onsite restaurants and its own water park.

International Maisons-LaffitteParis

For those campers that are wanting to experience the city of romance, or take the kids to the magical Disneyland, International Maisons-Laffitte is where you need to be. As part of the eurocamp site chain, this park is located 20 minutes from the centre of Paris and 40 minutes from Disneyland; not to mention the onsite activities that include water sports, cycle hire and fishing. This site even has its own takeaway to enjoy in your folding camper.

Gascogne Hilltop FarmSouthern France

This site, Gascogne Hilltop Farm, is located on what was once a traditional hilltop farm in the heart of the countryside with fantastic views of the surrounding Pyrenees, making this site perfect for those campers looking for a secluded get away at a quiet family run site. Perfect for a walking holiday, this site is located close enough to enjoy a day up the peaks, or if you are just looking to relax, there is always the onsite bar and swimming pool and local markets to explore, full of amazing local produce including Armagnac (arguably the oldest brandy in the world).

France is full of fabulous campsites, with every region offering something unique; from beaches to skiing, busy cities to peaceful countryside, there are plenty of places to discover with your Opus camper. Before you set off just remember to check the sites permit caravans and provide an electricity point to make the most of these amazing trailer tents.

Bon Voyage and happy camping!

Enjoy Festival Season in Style

Enjoy Festival Season in Style 150 150 Carl Mitchell

Festival season is upon us, and for many this means it’s time to start sorting out the sleeping bags and wellington boots – and prepare for the inevitable mudbath. After all, while we all hope for a wonderful weekend of music in solid sunshine, the weather doesn’t always live up to our expectations, so it’s best to be ready.

When the ground gets really wet and muddy, tents can become really uncomfortable places to sleep, and it can be really unpleasant having to crawl out into wet mud (and who knows what else!) in the morning. By lifting your sleeping area safely up out of the mud, a trailer tent means that you can enjoy greater comfort, without worrying that a stream will develop under your sleeping bag overnight – and when you step out in the morning, it’s only your boots that need to get muddy.

Trailer tents are allowed at many major festivals, including Glastonbury, Reading, the V Festival, Wickerman and Download. You simply need to make sure that you have the correct camping ticket when you book – generally speaking, trailer tents are included along with the campervans and caravans as opposed to the tented area. Some festivals sell the passes for campervans, caravans and trailer tents separately to the tickets for the event itself, so check their terms and conditions carefully.

You will often see some rather convoluted descriptions of what kinds of vehicles are or are not allowed in these areas – rest assured that the Opus Camper, as a manufactured trailer tent designed specifically for its purpose, is going to be permitted wherever trailer tents are allowed. These restrictions are usually aimed against somebody trying to pitch a normal ground tent in any old trailer, or claiming that a van with a mattress thrown in the back is a campervan!

One optional extra that you might consider if you’re taking your Opus Camper to a festival is the portable toilet cubicle – it’s practical and durable, and does not have to be connected to a drainage or water system. You might find it distinctly preferable to the festival portaloos!

For more information on the Opus Camper, or to find your nearest OPUS dealer, call us on 01473 601200 or use the enquiry form on our contact page.

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